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About Me | Superpreneurs
First impressions matter and they happen in a nanosecond and once that impression is formed it’s very hard to change.

When a client thinks about buying your services or products one of the first places they will go to is your website and for many of your clients this will be where they form those crucial first impressions.

I’m Anita Grace Wong and my job is to help you to create a great first impression.

I love all things tech and have been running my website design and social media agency, Bommie Media, since 2014.

I get to create beautiful websites on behalf of my clients and if I’m not creating their websites then I’m improving their customer engagement efforts via social media platforms and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

At Bommie Media our clients want to up-level their businesses and they realise that leveraging the endless opportunities of the internet is a fantastic way to do that. They’ll know enough to realise that they could be doing more in these arenas with the right kind of help, guidance and support and that’s where we come in.


There are a huge variety of different disciplines and platforms around in online environments these days and no shortage of different approaches that businesses can take towards boosting their profile. But the key to it all good communication and getting a clear and consistent message across to as many of your potential customers and clients as you can.

We can help you to gain visibility in your marketplace and claim your expert status while staying true to your brand and the core values of your business.

At Bommie Media we are passionate about helping our clients to gain more visibility, attract more clients and convert those leads into sales.

We’ve helped 100s of business owners and entrepreneurs to transform their online profiles and supported them in earning the exposure they need to attract their ideal clients.

And here are some fun facts about me in case you were wondering…

  • I’m a mum to 4 girls, 3 dogs, 2 budgies and a hamster
  • My husband has a full-on job as a heart surgeon and loves holidays and secretly so do I!
  • And just for something to do in my spare time, I’m a champion BMX rider – I’m off to the World Championships in July with the family. One of my youngest daughters (did I tell you I have twins?)…is also riding in the championships like her mum – she loves the thrill of the ride!

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