Video is the most immersive way for you to really touch your tribe and draw in your ideal audience and Facebook LOVES you posting that way. You’ve probably noticed that videos published on Facebook get more reach and audience interaction, so let’s work together to get your videos noticed.


The goal of News Feed is to deliver the right stories to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss anything important and relevant to them. Video is an important part of News Feed – in fact, twice as many people now watch videos on Facebook compared to just six months ago.

Facebook recently announced improvements to how they rank the videos people and Pages are uploading directly to Facebook. Their goal is to better understand what videos people are interested in watching, so that relevant videos appear more prominently in News Feed.

This improvement means that videos that people choose to watch will reach a larger audience, while videos that people ignore will be shown to fewer people which is why taking part in this 31 days of Facebook Live will help your videos and page rank higher.


Here are my top 10 tips to keep in mind as we take this journey together;

1.Pick where you’ll broadcast from

Most of you might just sit in front of your laptop and never think what behind you looks like! Take a good look at your background before doing a live video.

Remember to plan to block out background noise, pre warn family members, turn off doorbells, mute your phone and pop your pets in the other room before going live. Most viewers will expect you to go with the flow and be a bit raw in the broadcast, but you don’t want background noise and unexpected entrants to interrupt your flow!

2. Practice makes perfect
If you have not done a live broadcast before, consider rehearsing and you are free to practice inside the Facebook Live Challenge group. Once your happy to go live publically, start Live from your page and share whilst live into The Pod. You can also repurpose your videos, which I will show you how to do after you’ve finished your broadcasts.

3. Choose a daily theme for your video broadcasts such as

  • Host a Q/A session,
  • Review an item
  • Do a tutorial
  • Take people behind-the-scenes
  • Interview an influencer
  • Tell people about yourself
  • Announce a new product or service
  • Create a recurring show
  • Broadcast live events
  • Answer Blog questions or group questions
  • Run a contest
  • Share your own strategies and motivations

4. Make your videos Visually Engaging:

Visual improvisations are key to making people stick around. That means using visual cues and not just standing / sitting idle – You can use props, posters, cue cards, animals (if you dare!). You can use anything from facial expressions to objects to visually engage your viewers.

5. Ensure Your Internet Connection Is Strong:

You want to have a WiFi / 4G connection with the strongest signal. Connections that get flakey at times might force you to drop mid broadcast. Ideally, you should be near a WiFi unit when using Facebook Live.

6. Make your broadcast long enough

Facebook to allow your followers to switch on and join in. Facebook recommends a minimum of 10-minute duration for Facebook Live and new Facebook insights on your page will show you watch times and retention of viewers.

7. Ensure you engage with your viewers

Don’t forget to be social, when speaking to your audience, remind them to ask you questions, tell you where there from, give you love and write comments. If you can, comment back via another laptop or phone or answer questions tagging viewers as you go. Additionally, you can handpick the best questions and highlight them in a separate social media post, and see how people react to different comments, to learn what type of answers work best. Also, encourage comments, questions and other feedback after the broadcast comes to an end to engage replay viewers.

8. Play to Your Strengths

When you go live on Facebook, introduce your area of expertise to gain credibility with your audience. The more you know about a subject, the more value you can provide to your audience. Direct the broadcast and conversation around your expertise to produce a really powerful broadcast.

9. Promote your next Facebook Live at the end

If you are planning on going live repeatedly, make sure you mention the date and time at the end of your broadcast to encourage future viewings.

10. Make your Facebook Live description catchy

When introducing your Live broadcast, keep your call to action in mind and make the first two lines catchy and interesting. This will catch your audience’s attention from the start.


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