How many times have you crafted the perfect Facebook header to then view it on your mobile and it looks rubbish! Bits cut off, words missing and just not professional enough. Facebook has now optimised their Facebook headers for mobile first, which means, the desktop comes in a lonely second place…

So, Facebook has finally decided to give mobile surfing the heads up! we know most of Facebooks application is mobile friendly but it has taken them ages to clock on that the business page, group and event headers just looked awful when viewed on a mobile device. So how can this blog help YOU?

Well, I was alerted to the change by Mari Smith, Facebook guru as I follow her closely on Facebook and she pointed me towards this blog by The Digiterati, click here to read the full info. After looking at this great info, I decided to take a more practical approach and show you how to change your header and the best format for it.

So both Mari and The Digiterati team agreed that 1920px x 1080px was the best dimensions to use and these dimensions were the exact dimensions Facebook used for its video! Another reason for the change I suspect!

So please find my easy to follow info and video.

Now view the video to show you how to complete this header and how it will be seen on your desktop and mobile.

The new Facebook header size and the best design fit. from Anita Wong on Vimeo.

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Thanks for reading

Anita x

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